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Mission Statement

Improving Lives Together

Vision Statement

We envision our community as one where all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being.

Tag Line

It's How We Care

Core Values

How We Care... The People We Serve:

  • We believe that the patient ALWAYS comes first. Exceeding patient expectations is our priority.
  • We treat ALL patients and family/friends with dignity, empathy and respect.
  • We provide unparalleled service through patient-centered care by friendly, compassionate and engaged staff members— Every Patient Every Time.
  • We listen. We hear our patients and do everything in our power to help.
  • We provide high-quality outcomes through evidence-based care and continuous education.
  • We believe that patients deserve trustworthy care with easy and timely access.
  • We proudly provide care to patients with diverse backgrounds, and accommodate to meet patients’ cultural, social and linguistic needs.

How We Care... Our Relationship With The Community:

  • We believe in active involvement and service within the community.
  • We believe the effectiveness of our work through partnerships with education, government and other organizations will benefit the community.
  • We continuously examine the needs of the community.
  • We are dedicated to an independent Magruder Hospital, while partnering with other providers to bring expanded services to our community.
  • We organize our resources with the community in mind.

How We Care... Our Work Environment:

  • We treat ALL employees with dignity and respect through a values-based culture.
  • We nurture an open, fair and learning work environment.
  • We welcome diversity in our staff.
  • We work to create opportunities for growth and advancement across the hospital.
  • We are the employer of choice within our community.
  • We value teamwork and accountability.
  • We expect integrity and ethical behavior.
  • We seek and reward suggestions that allow us to continually improve.
  • We recognize and appreciate the contributions and accomplishments of individuals and teams.
  • We take pride in our work with relentless effort in being a dynamic, innovative organization.
  • We share a common mission of serving others, caring for people and actively pursuing excellence.
Patient Portal
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