Community Commitment


As a non-profit organization, our drive is patient care and outcomes; our economic and financial impact is secondary. As a hospital, we take seriously our commitment to make sure everyone in our community is cared for, regardless of financial status.

Magruder also provides a variety of health promotion, education and outreach programs for the community. These include health screenings, educational lunches, exercise classes and support groups. Our efforts keep us true to our mission of promoting health education and preventive care and working in collaboration with area healthcare providers.

The numbers shown here reflect results during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

36,020 Provider Office Visits
96,849 Outpatient Visits
459,497 Outpatient Tests
15,756 ER & Urgent Care Visits
$17.8 million in Supplies & Services
$2.1 million in Capital Expenditures
$223,471 in providing clinical settings for students in nursing, pharmacy, therapy, laboratory, radiology and other medical fields
$2.6 million in Uncompensated Care Costs
$7,137 Payroll Taxes Paid to the Village of Oak Harbor
$38,919 Paid by Our Employees to Area School Districts
$273,718 Payroll Taxes Paid to the City of Port Clinton

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