A Special Thanks to Our Supportive Community

Posted by Magruder Hospital Marketing on Apr 13, 2020

We extend a special thanks to everyone who has shared or donated supplies and helped us to stay positive during this time. We continue to be thankful to the many people who support our staff and while we may not have caught you in a photo,  know that your gestures are appreciated.

See some of the amazing people who have shared and donated supplies, food, manual labor, equipment and words of encouragement. The outpouring of support in word and deed has been heartwarming. We truly are in this together.

coffee express deliver

Thank you to Coastal Yacht Detailing and Travis Schwinkendorf for the food donation for Magruder staff! And thank you to Coffee Express for delivering.


Chris Campbell transporting a donation of bleach wipes.

loading truck

The Ottawa County Sheriff Inmate Work Program helping us move furniture out of the therapy department.

veteran front lawn

Local veterans, Richard Ellis and Ray Rutan, showing support for Magruder with President & CEO Todd Almendinger.

ER food deliver

ER Volunteer Tom Riems donating food to the departments he usually worked with.

chalk smile

Port Clinton High School Leadership Council sharing some words of encouragement in front of the hospital.

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