Having Important Conversations with Your Family About Your Health

Posted by Magruder Hospital Marketing on Apr 23, 2020

File of LifeAs Ohio starts to look at opening up little by little, we think about what that means for healthcare. What will it look like to possibly restart ‘elective’ surgeries? Will we be able to get back to wellness and preventive services? No one can say at this point. But we know that the last month or so has made us think about, and look at, things more carefully. So as we ponder our healthcare needs and decisions moving forward, Magruder wants to offer some resources.

Magruder has information on our website about advance directives. The key to that information is to discuss with your family, and make your primary care provider aware. Here are some short but helpful videos on the National Healthcare Decisions Day website as well as this video from Johns Hopkins. The Pro Seniors website also has helpful information specific to Ohio.

Magruder partners with a variety of agencies in the county on the File of Life. This small item can be a big help for first responders, especially in situations where there is no else on the scene of a call to provide important medical information. It is a magnetic pouch for the side of a refrigerator, with a card to list your medical history, medications, emergency contacts, allergies etc. If you would like one for yourself or a loved one, please contact Rachel Fall at 419-732-4061 or Senior Resources at 419-898-6459.

So while we’re still at home, purging our closets or de-cluttering our basements, let’s maybe reach out to our families to share these resources and have these discussions before there is ever a need. If you have questions or want to talk more about these resources or topics, please call one of the Social Workers at Magruder 419-734-3131 ext. 3142 or ext. 3363. We are happy to help in whatever way we can.