Need Help During Open Enrollment...Look No Further

Posted by Magruder Hospital Marketing on Aug 17, 2021

medicare flyer 2021

Help during open enrollment is available. 

As we approach the time of year for open enrollment, we start so see ads and receive all kinds of mail for a variety of insurance options.  Magruder has several staff members who are trained OSHIIP (Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program) volunteers who can help answer Medicare questions during open enrollment, and for those who will be new to Medicare.  If you need help understanding the difference between standard Medicare and Medicare Advantage, if you need help figuring out if your Medicare prescription plan is the best one for you for 2022, or if you need help sorting through the insurance mail you’ve gotten recently, call 419-732-4061 for Community Outreach Director Rachel, or 419-734-3131 and ask for Patient Financial Counselors Kim or Michelle.  You can also reach out to OSHIIP trained volunteers at Ottawa County Senior Resources 419-898-6459.  


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