Diabetic Education Schedule

Classes are filled with information about the disease of diabetes and how to manage activities around diabetes. Clients are encouraged to bring a family member of friend who is closely involved in their daily activities so that they may share in the education process. As each client receives a custom tailored, individual plan, a General Assessment Form, provided by the physician, needs to be completed prior to the first appointment.

The program consists of six sessions. The initial 2 sessions are individual appointments with the nurse and the dietitian. During the first visit, clients are taught to assess their blood sugar and weight and their feet and lower extremities. This is followed by 3 group sessions and one follow up group session. The Diabetes Educators will contact clients to schedule appointment times. Class size is limited and two contact attempts will be made before the referral is sent back to the physician.

Please contact Amanda Chaney, RN, the Diabetic Nurse Educator, before class at 419-734-3131 ext. 3371 with any concerns or questions.

Quarterly Diabetic Education Refresher Courses

There are quarterly refresher courses available for anyone who has been through the program.  An order from your physician is required.