Digital Mammography

Magruder's Imaging Services Department is accredited in Mammography by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

Mammography is an x-ray procedure used to detect breast disease. At Magruder, we employ a low-dose film-screen technique for routine breast imaging. This state of the art technique allows us the capability of producing images that can demonstrate tumors too small to be felt by even the most experienced examiner.

In March of 2004, Magruder added an ImageChecker CAD system to the Imaging Services Department to improve its capability of the early detection of breast cancer.

The CAD system is used in conjunction with film-based and digital mammography. After acquiring a digital image, or digitizing a file mammogram, the system’s specialized processing software analyzes the image and draws the radiologist’s attention to suspicious features that may be indicative of cancer. The radiologist typically reviews the entire mammogram first and then activates the CAD monitor to see if any areas have been highlighted for additional review. If an image is marked, the radiologist goes back to the original mammogram to review the area of the image in more detail.

The CAD system is able to confidently identify abnormalities or signs of disease on a regular basis during our mammogram screening analysis and significantly increase our detection rate of invasive cancers.


Age 35-40 receive a baseline mammogram
Age 40-49 receive annual or biennial mammogram
Age 50+ receive annual mammogram

Preparation for your exam:

On the day of your examination, please DO NOT use deodorant, perfume, powder, or cream on the areas of your underarms or breasts. It will be necessary to undress to the waist for the exam. You may find it more convenient to wear a blouse with a skirt or slacks, rather than a dress.