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To schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, please call the number listed on their physician profile.

If you are looking for a family physician or nurse practitioner in the area, let us help you navigate which practitioner is right for your healthcare needs.  

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8 Providers Anesthesiology
3 Providers Cancer
53 Providers Cardiology
2 Providers Dermatology
12 Providers Emergency Medicine
19 Providers Family Medicine
1 Provider Gastroenterology
5 Providers General Surgery
1 Provider Hematology
19 Providers Internal Medicine
5 Providers Nephrology
5 Providers Neurology
2 Providers Obstetrics/Gynecology
2 Providers Occupational Health
3 Providers Oncology
1 Provider Optometry
1 Provider Orthopedic Surgery
5 Providers Orthopedics
3 Providers Pain Management
7 Providers Pathology
2 Providers Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
4 Providers Podiatry
8 Providers Radiology
1 Provider Sleep Medicine
6 Providers Telemedicine Radiology
3 Providers Urgent Care
6 Providers Urology


6 Providers Associated Pathologists, Inc.
2 Providers Carl W. Steele Family Practice
1 Provider Dermatology Partners at Magruder
1 Provider Dermatology Partners
4 Providers Firelands Physician Group
4 Providers Firelands Regional Medical Center
1 Provider General Surgery - Dr. Wiecek
1 Provider George C. Stepanic, DO Office
1 Provider Jason Brown, DO Office
1 Provider Lake Erie Family Eye Care
4 Providers Magruder Hospital Family Clinic
1 Provider Magruder Hospital Surgery Clinic
29 Providers Magruder Hospital
2 Providers Magruder Pain Management Clinic
1 Provider Maria Apling Practice
1 Provider Molly S. Judge Office
1 Provider Mona Nataprawira Physician Office
2 Providers NOMS Healthcare Clyde
3 Providers NOMS Healthcare General Surgery
1 Provider NOMS Healthcare Sandusky
1 Provider NOMS Northern Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists- Norwalk
3 Providers Oncology
3 Providers Orthopedics
1 Provider Ottawa Family Care Center
1 Provider Paul Bedocs Practice
1 Provider Paul S. Biedenbach Practice
2 Providers Peninsula Medical Center
6 Providers Premier Anesthesia of Sandusky
5 Providers Promedica Neurosciences
39 Providers ProMedica Physicians Cardiology - Toledo
1 Provider ProMedica Physicians Jobst Vascular - Sylvania
18 Providers ProMedica Physicians Jobst Vascular - Toledo
1 Provider ProMedica Physicians Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
3 Providers R. W. Minick Medical Building
3 Providers Renal Services of Toledo
6 Providers Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates, Inc.
6 Providers ROMIUS Institute of Northwest Ohio
3 Providers Rural Physician Group
1 Provider Sleep Medicine
1 Provider Surfield Plastic Surgery
1 Provider The Reconstruction Institute at Bellevue Hospital
1 Provider The Toledo Clinic
1 Provider Timothy Mummert Physician Office
2 Providers Urology