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At Magruder Hospital, we believe that your health information is personal. We keep records of care and services that you receive at our facility. We are committed to keeping your health information private, and we are also required by law to respect your confidentiality.

Standards for Privacy of Protected Health Information

According to the federal law named the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you have rights concerning the use of individually identifiable health information. Only individuals with a legitimate need to know may access, use or disclose patient information. Protected health information may be released to other covered health care providers without patient authorization if used for treatment, payment, health care operations, or for public good purposes as permitted by state and federal laws. Disclosures of protected health information for uses and disclosures outside treatment, payment and health care operations require patient authorization.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Our notice of privacy practices describes how your medical information may be used and disclosed and how you can access your medical information. Please review it carefully.

Patient Portal
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