Published on May 08, 2021

Medication Card

Medication Card

Knowing our medications, dose strengths, and how often we need to take them are more important than just taking pills properly at home.  In the right situation, an updated medication list in your purse or wallet can be a lifesaving reference or could catch medications that may have been prescribed from different doctors which either work in a similar way or interact with one another.  Ultimately, you are the keeper of your own health, and maintaining an updated medication list is a very important tool in staying aware of your health and informing all healthcare workers involved in your care.

How to track your medications:

Make your own medication list including drug name, drug strength, how often you take the drug, and the doctor who prescribed the drug.  Use pencil when making this list, so you can easily make changes!

Use a Smartphone app.  Apple Health has a Medical ID feature and Android phones have a Medical ID app.  Both of these can set up profiles which track your medications as well as things like blood type and can be accessed by first responders in case of an emergency.

Keep hospital discharge paperwork and after-visit paperwork from seeing your doctor. These papers typically have a medication list and if you take any medication differently from how the paper indicates, reach out to the office to clarify any differences.

Other advice for those taking medications:

Tip #1 - Use one pharmacy

Picking up medicine from multiple pharmacies is not only a hassle, but could be dangerous. While filling prescriptions, the pharmacist verifies that each medication is safe when used with other medications you are taking.  If multiple pharmacies are used, then this safety check is much harder to perform. Most pharmacies also offer a service which will “sync” all your medication fills, so you can pick up all your prescriptions at one time each month instead of stopping in multiple times over the course of a month.

Tip #2 - Bring a medication list to every doctor’s visit

This is important if you see any kind of specialist, such as a cardiologist.  They may not be in continuous contact with your doctor and if a medication is changed, it is important that all of your providers are aware.  


You can make an appointment with a Pharmacist at The Pharmacy at Magruder to review your medication list? Call 419-732-4009 to hear how!

The Pharmacy at Magruder will sync all of your medications and can notify you they are ready through a text message alert?

Feel free to use this convenient Personal Medication Record.