Computed Tomography Exam

CT scannerA CT Scan is a relatively simple and painless examination that has been performed for many years. The scan produces a series of images and can detect many conditions that cannot be visualized on conventional x-ray examinations.

During the scan a thin beam of x-ray is focused on a specific part of your body. The x-ray beam is picked by an electronic detector which records the information and constructs an image on a TV screen. During some CT Scans, a contrast material is used to outline blood vessels or fill in organs of the body (ie: liver, kidney) so that they can be seen more easily.

Preparation for your exam:

Most abdominal CT examinations require that you not eat or drink from the midnight prior to your exam. All other CT examinations requiring the administration of contrast material require 2 hours of additional fasting prior to exam. A CT Scan can take from 30-90 minutes.

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