Massage Therapy

Relax. Restore. Revive.

Massage Therapy can help a variety of conditions such as postoperative pain, low back pain, stress and anxiety, sleep issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, range of motion, migraines and more. Massage Therapy is available at Magruder’s Lake Erie Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Let massage therapist Jenn Caligiuri, ATC, LMT help you decide which level of therapeutic massage will work for you, choosing among sports, deep tissue, injury rehabilitation, and Swedish massages. 

massage therapyTypes of Massage

  • Swedish massage is often referred to as relaxation massage and is commonly used to improve mood, relieve stress and reduce anxiety. This kind of massage can relieve some muscle tension but targeting "knots" is not generally the focus. Swedish massage typically uses lighter pressure to target the superficial layers of muscles. 
  • Therapeutic massage is a general umbrella term used to include many types of massage like deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point release, and sports massage. Sometimes the pressure used in deep tissue or sports/injury massage can be uncomfortable for some, so communication and feedback is essential during these sessions. 
  • Deep tissue massage is most commonly used to treat chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, reduce scar tissue/adhesions and target "knots.”  This is done by applying firm pressure to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissue. Deep tissue massage can aid in the injury healing process, increase blood flow, and reduce inflammation.   
  • Sports or injury massage is the more targeted form of a deep tissue massage and involves firm pressure and focusing on muscles and connective tissue deeper within the body. Sports massage may include stretching or may be targeted to a specific area of the body. Injury massage can be used in conjunction with other interventions (such as physical therapy) to optimize the healing process.


Massage Services Offered:

  • 30 minute $40
  • 60 minute $65
  • 90 minute $95

No physician referral is needed. To schedule an appointment with Jenn, please call 419-732-4033.

A prescription allows the service to be tax exempt, otherwise local taxes will be added to the above amounts.  Health Savings Accounts may be used for payment. Clients are responsible for submitting any required paperwork to insurance companies.

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To schedule an appointment with Jenn, please call 419-732-4033

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