Orthopedic Services

Dr. J. Andrew Huddleston

Dr. Andrew Huddleston, Dr. George Stepanic, and Dr. Jason Brown offer Orthopedic Services at Magruder Hospital and address a variety of musculoskeletal diseases, injuries and conditions such as:

  • arthroscopic surgery (where a doctor looks at, diagnoses and treats issues inside a joint)
  • arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  • sports medicine issues and injuries
  • arthritis care including treatment of joint pain, inflammation and stiffness and, or degeneration;
  • fracture treatment
  • carpal tunnel- and trigger-finger-release surgery
  • cartilage restoration
  • ACL reconstruction and meniscal repairs


Joint Replacement Surgeries

If you have severe joint pain that limits your everyday activities, moderate or severe joint pain while resting day or night, or long-lasting joint inflammation and swelling that doesn’t get better with rest or medications, talk with your healthcare provider to see if you might need a joint replacement surgery. Drs. Huddleston, Stepanic and Brown offer replacement surgeries of the hip, knee and shoulder.

If a surgery like this is recommended, there is often a pre-surgery visit prior to the day of surgery where you are cleared for therapy and meet with surgery nurses, physical therapy and patient services to make sure a plan is in place for any therapy rehab at home or here at Magruder in our Transitional Care program.


Orthopedic Services are located at 611 Fulton Street, Suite G, Port Clinton, OH 43452

and can be reached by calling 419-732-8837.

Orthopedic Services

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If you need an orthopedic surgeon, call 419-732-8837 to schedule your appointment.

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