Aquatic Wellness Program

What is Aquatic Wellness?

A pool-based program offering therapeutic use of warm water for treatment of people with painful and or arthritic conditions.

Water is a gentle way to exercise by supporting the joints, lessening the stress, and encouraging free movement. Immersing a person in water raises their body temperature causing their blood vessels to dilate and increase circulation. Warm water lowers pain, relaxes muscles, and decreases patient stiffness. Water is 600-700 times more resistant than air, helping to build muscle strength and improve endurance as you move.

What are the benefits of an Aquatic Wellness Program?

The properties of water provide many rehabilitative benefits. For example, the buoyancy decreases the effects of gravity for easier movement and decreased stress to the bones and joints. Exercises are often less painful in the aquatic environment, allowing the patient to perform movements which would not otherwise be possible. The resistance to movement is variable, yet constant throughout the entire range of motion, thus promoting an all-inclusive exercise program. The hydrostatic pressure of water acts as a support to stabilize patients who may experience equilibrium difficulties. It also helps to decrease swelling, improve peripheral circulation, and decrease blood pressure through improved cardiovascular fitness and relaxation.

When is an Aquatic Wellness Program appropriate?

1. When a patient has completed Magruder's Aquatic Therapy program and would like to continue their exercise program independently.

2. A person receives consent from their doctor to participate in a fitness program for general health and well-being.

Who may benefit from an Aquatic Wellness Program?

People with arthritis and other related disease as well as sedentary adults who may be generally de-conditioned. A prescription is not necessary, but a medical release from your doctor is mandatory.

Who may be excluded from this form of exercise?

Anyone with:
A fever over 100 degrees
An open wound
An infectious disease
Uncontrolled Epilepsy
A Urinary Infection
Incontinence (lack of bladder and/or bowel control)
A contagious skin rash
An excessive fear of water

For more information

The Aquatic Wellness Pool is located at Magruder Hospital inside the Lake Erie Sports Medicine & Rehab Department.  Enter through the Outpatient Entrance.

If you have questions relating to aquatic therapy or exercise, please call the therapy staff of Lake Erie Sports Medicine at 419-732-4033. This number may also be used to sign up for aquatic exercise classes.

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If you have more questions relating to aquatic exercise or physical, occupational and aquatic therapy, please call the therapy staff of Lake Erie Sports Medicine at 419-732-4033.

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