Nutrition Therapy

SaladNutritionMagruder Hospital's Nutrition Services is dedicated to providing patients, staff, and visitors within the hospital as well as the greater Port Clinton community with competent, creative and compassionate services. Our department seeks to integrate clinical nutrition services with delicious food and excellent hospitable service.

Proper nutrition is an essential ingredient to improving health. Magruder Hospital offers outpatient nutrition services. Our dietitians offer one-on-one counseling, providing personalized plans to ensure that each patient's optimum health is guaranteed. This means we can help patients make the correct nutritional choices based on specific health needs.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Nutrition

This class is offered monthly.  The class covers reading ingredient labels
and recipes, seasoning guides and eating out guides. Please call Tracy Stadler, R.D., L.D., CDE at 419-732-4047 for more information.

Therapy can help! Reasons for consultation may include:

Cancer Diverticulitis Hypoglycemia
Cardiovascular disease Diverticulosis Irritable bowel
Cholelithiasis Failure to thrive Lactose intolerance
Colitis/Ileitis Hypercholesterolemia Obesity
Constipation Hyperlipidemia Ulcer
Diabetes Hypertriglycerdemia Weight loss
Diarrhea Hypertension Other


Doctor referral is necessary. Your physician will fill out a Medical Nutrition Therapy Referral form that includes the reason for the consultation, your lab results, and medical history. All Port Clinton area doctors have the referral forms in their offices. For out of town doctors, a referral form can be faxed or picked up and returned. For more information, or if you have any questions, please call Tracy Stadler at 419-734-3131 ext.3544.