Stating Your Wishes Regarding Medical Treatment

You have a choice.

Many people today are worried about the medical care they would be given should they become terminally ill and unable to communicate. They may not want to spend months or years dependant on life-support machines, or they may want every measure to be taken to sustain their life.

A growing number of people are taking action before they become seriously ill. You may now state your health care preferences in writing, while you are still healthy and able to make such decisions.

Under federal law, this health care organization is required to provide you, the patient, an explanation of your rights under Ohio law to make personal decisions regarding your own medical care. We are also required to ask you whether you have written down your wishes.

The information contained on these pages explains your options concerning the right to accept or refuse medical treatment and how you may make your wishes known about the care you want when you are unable to decide for yourself. It is not legal advice, but it serves as general and useful information designed to help you understand your rights under the law.

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