Swing Bed Program

magruder-swing-beds.jpgTo help you better remember the “swing bed” program as an option for you at Magruder, we literally want you to think of a swing. This program “swings” according to the level of care you need. If you have had an inpatient stay of 3 days at any hospital, and you cannot go home right away, you qualify for the swing bed program. You “swing” from acute care services to skilled nursing services, and then back home when you are ready.

What are some examples of what might qualify for a “swing” bed?

  • Recovery from major surgery, joint replacement, vascular or abdominal procedures
  • Repeated hospitalization
  • Recovery after a major accident or stroke
  • Pain management
  • Wounds that are not healing or need special care
  • IV therapy
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy after a prolonged illness

Is it an option to rehab in the swing bed program at Magruder if I have a procedure or an inpatient stay at another hospital?

Yes. All you need to do is tell the person handling your discharge planning that you would like to go to Magruder and that they can contact our patient navigator at 419-732-4014.

Why am I being changed to a swing bed? How will this benefit me? How long will I stay?

A swing bed will provide you with extra time to heal or strengthen before returning home. Staff will set short-term therapeutic goals designed to improve your health and independence. To help you achieve your goals, our physicians, nurses and therapists provide a wide range of services, which may include:

  • Physical therapy to gain muscle strength endurance & improve mobility. This may include both occupational and speech therapies.
  • Training and education to avoid pain and fatigue while performing tasks.
  • Assessing your needs for special assistive devices.
  • Teaching you breathing techniques and exercises to promote optimal breathing.
  • Assisting you with interpreting and remembering written and spoken statements, and expressing your thoughts through speaking, writing and facial expressions.

What happens once I am in a swing bed?

  1. If your condition permits, you will be encouraged to get dressed and help with your activities of daily living, including participation in physical therapy.
  2. Activities will be offered to help you socialize and pass the time. Feel free to ask our nursing staff if you have special requests. Friends and relatives are welcome to visit.
  3. Your physician may not visit you every day, but is readily available to you and Magruder staff.
  4. Home safety checks are available prior to discharge if the patient and therapists see a potential need for home modifications and/or increased assistance at home. The check consists of the patient, a family member and a therapist moving about the home to ensure ease of mobility and accessibility of most-used areas of the home.
  5. The Swing Bed team meets weekly to discuss your progress. Patients and family members are encouraged to attend the meetings and discuss any needs or concerns.

What if I become acutely ill?

You have instant access to hospital services since you’re right here. You will be re-admitted as an acute care patient.

What is the cost?

If the necessary Medicare criteria are met under the skilled nursing benefit, Medicare will pay 100% of the cost for the first 20 days. Our swing bed team will work with you to determine your insurance coverage.