Wound Care

Approximately 3 to 5 million Americans have wounds that won’t heal.

By partnering with the Firelands Regional Medical Center Wound Care Program, Magruder patients can now stay close home while receiving treatment for chronic or non-healing wounds.

If you suffer from a chronic or non-healing wound, Firelands Wound Care Program at Magruder will work with you and your physician to deliver:

  • Advanced therapies
  • An individualized, comprehensive plan of care that brings you the most appropriate and effective treatments
  • Assessment, education and ongoing care by our highly skilled team of wound care specialists, including a case manager, who oversees every aspect of your case
  • Thorough training for you and your family on caring for the wound at home

To make an appointment, please call 419-557-6363


To get to the wound clinic, patients should use the south entrance to the hospital off of Fulton Street.  There are only two entrances to the hospital off of Fulton Street.  Upon turning into the south entrance, patients will see an overhang with the word OUPATIENT in big letters.  This is the entrance patients should use.  For patients that are going to their first appointment, it may be best to check in at the outpatient desk to be guided to the correct elevator that leads directly the clinic.